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Guangzhou Landproof Testing Technology Co., a leading provider of human safety and efficacy of cosmetics for cosmetics production enterprises and research institutions of the third party inspection service test laboratory.

The total laboratory area of 450m ², precision control constant temperature and humidity area of 50m ², laboratory equipment and decoration are in accordance with world-class level configuration,has a full temperature and humidity real-time monitoring system, a comprehensive quality control system and a professional doctor technical management team, in the domestic private nature of third-party testing of cosmetics second to none.Company management team members are in the cosmetics testing, medical industry engaged in management for many years, experienced; technical team members are through years of rigorous skills related training, is rich in relevant work experience of industry experts. Whether it is the design of the test program, or the specific operation of the test implementation, as well as the statistical analysis of research data, the company can provide you with more professional, more systematic, more comprehensive quality service.


In order to improve the quality of service, to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of customers, to maintain customer confidence in the testing center, specifically for the following statement:

1. The testing center firmly stand in a fair position, according to the relevant laws and regulations, as well as the provisions of the contract or contract for all customers to provide scientific, impartial and efficient testing services.

2. Strictly abide by the "fair and honest control procedures" to ensure that all testing activities from the administrative, financial and commercial aspects of interference, do not participate in any damage to its independence and the integrity of the detection of the integrity of the activities.

3. The testing center has formulated the "Confidential Information and Ownership Protection Procedures for Customers", and strictly protects the confidentiality of customers' confidential information and exclusive rights in order to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of customers.

4. In strict accordance with CNAS-CL01: 2006 "testing and calibration laboratory capacity approval criteria" to establish a management system, and to ensure that the management system to run to ensure that the test results are fair and accurate.

5. Actively participate in domestic and international laboratory capacity verification and laboratory comparison between the experiment, and with these laboratories to maintain good contact and communication to continuously improve the detection level and ability. The above statement, is willing to accept customers, people from all walks of life or unit supervision and inspection.

In April 2016
Obtain ISO9001 certification (Chinese certificate)
In April 2016
Obtained ISO9001 certification (English certificate)
In February 2015
Obtained CMA qualification
In April 2017
Obtained the Ministry of commerce enterprise credit rating AAA grade credit enterprise
In December 2016
Obtained the Guangzhou enterprise research and development institutions qualification